Year Walk Review and Everything You need to you

 Year Walk Review and Everything You need to you

A scary walk in Swedish legends.

The supernatural creatures of Swedish legends take on flesh and blood in the successful Adventure Horror of their compatriot Simogo. It is the fourth game of the company, which is mainly engaged in the development of mobile games and is based in Malm., Sweden. Year Walk was originally released exclusively for iOS in February 2013, but its huge commercial success prompted Simogo to release PC and Mac versions of the game in March and April 2014, respectively. These versions are available via Steam. In September 2015, a Wii U version was released.

The Year Walk received rave reviews and was nominated for numerous awards, winning the "Best 2D Visual Experience" award at the 2013 Unity Awards, among others. Its sales in the App Store exceeded 200,000 in 2013 and the title is one of the biggest successes of Simogo, with the dark environment of the game significantly different from that of the happiest previous games of the company.

year walk 1

The mythical journey that reveals the future

The script of the game is based on a legend of the Swedish tradition called "Årsgång" and translated into English as "Year Walk", meaning the "walk of the year". According to this legend, anyone who manages to take a walk following certain instructions and overcoming the challenges posed by various supernatural creatures of Swedish folklore such as Huldra can see excerpts from what will happen next year. Ideal days for this walk are New Year's Eve and Christmas. The protagonist of the game's story decides to perform such a walk himself, which leads him to a scary adventure with an unpredictable twist.

Puzzles and exploration in 2D prototype

The Year Walk is an Adventure Horror based on traditional Swedish legends. It is an exclusively single-player experience that takes place in a small snowy village in the Swedish countryside and stands out for its dark aesthetics which over time become scarier and scarier. In the game, you are faced with a plethora of supernatural creatures from stories of the Swedish tradition, which give you puzzles to solve during your journey. There are no extra modes beyond the basic.

The visual is first-person in two dimensions, something we are not used to seeing in games. Each shot is like a separate plan, on which you move horizontally while to change the shot you can go forward or backward to certain points that serve as paths. It feels like turning pages in a book full of pictures. For movement, you use only the arrow keys, but to solve puzzles you will often need the help of the mouse. However, the operation is quite simple and obvious and will not be difficult for you.

A powerful experience that will bring you in touch with the dark side of Swedish folklore.

A key feature of the Year Walk gameplay is the puzzles you have to solve during your adventure. These puzzles are clever and require both observation and exploration, as well as combination thinking. You will often need to write down things on paper that you will use later as symbol sequences. As you solve these puzzles the plot will progress and you will meet new mythical creatures, while you will gain access to additional areas. Dialogs are displayed in text only. In case you get stuck in a puzzle you can refer to the special menu with tips by pressing a button on the top right. In addition, at the top right there is a button that opens an encyclopedia, which contains further information about the creatures you meet.

year walk 2

An important negative of the Year Walk is its duration. It took me just two hours to finish it, which is close to the average time most gamers need for this title. In addition, the game has virtually no replayability as there is only one level of difficulty and it has exclusively story mode, so most of you are not going to play it again. However, the Steam version has several interesting achievements, such as the one you get if you complete the game on the traditional Årsgång day, ie New Year's Eve. Gaining these achievements may keep you busy for a while longer.

A collection of dark images covered in snow

The Year Walk was developed by Unity Engine and therefore uses its own graphics engineEach shot is 2D and especially at the beginning, it looks like a painting in a book. But as the plot progresses, the lighting becomes darker and bloodier. The animations are very beautiful and smooth and will satisfy (and scare) you completely! During your trip, you will encounter many different landscapes such as streams and castles that will keep you interested. In general, the whole style of graphics contributes a lot to the experience, being riveting and creating the feeling of insecurity and fear that a Horror title should have.

Evocative background music that causes anxiety

The background music is evocative but simple and comes in harmony with the snowy desert landscape in which the game takes place. But as the story progresses, the music acquires an ever more intense suspense element which fixes you and contributes significantly to the Horror experience. The soundtrack becomes a bit monotonous in some places, perhaps to match the minimalism of the snowy landscape. However, without being something extraordinary, it is definitely an integral part of the Year Walk and a very good job was done. The sound effects are also very dignified and realistic.

A very strong two hours at an affordable price

Overall, this is an Adventure Horror that will scare you, fascinate you, bring you in contact with the Swedish tradition, and make you think about it for several hours after you finish it. It is a dark and "heavy" title, as works of art produced in the Nordic countries are used to be. Its cost on Steam is 5.99 euros, which, although little, corresponds to a game that lasts only two hours. However, the experience is very strong and it is worth buying. It may have been released in 2013, but even this year it has nothing to envy from other similar games. An excellent work from Simogo that every lover of Scandinavian culture and Adventure Horror will definitely want to have in their collection.

year walk 3


  • - Quite a scary experience
  • - Very strong plot
  • - Familiarity with Swedish folklore and its mythical creatures
  • - Very beautiful graphics
  • - Clever combination puzzles


  • - Very short duration
  • - Absence of different modes and difficulty levels
  • - Slightly monotonous soundtrack

Graphics: 8
Sound: 7.5
Gameplay: 7
Screenplay: 9
Durability: 5
Overall: 7.5

A special scary walk that will bring you in touch with Swedish legends.

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