How to Freeze Peaches Easily! Best Way To Freeze Peaches

How to Freeze Peaches Easily! Best Way To Freeze Peaches
How to Freeze Peaches Easily! Best Way To Freeze Peaches

How to freeze peaches, in this article, we at Wiki-How-To will show you basic instructions with details in the simplest way to freeze peaches when it's the season at peak.

How to freeze peaches

The easiest way to freeze peaches, wash the peaches, and cut them into slices, no need to peel them. Soak the peach slices in a lemon juice bath for 5 minutes. 4 cups water and 2 tablespoons lemon juice. Drain the peaches into a colander. Place them on a baking sheet. freeze for 4 hours- overnight.

How long are frozen peaches good for?

If you carefully draining off as much water as you can, remove as much air as possible from the freezer bag, and your peach will be well, retain good quality and texture for up to 1 year.

Will frozen peaches turn brown? If you simply soak your peach slices in the lemon juice/water mixture, your peaches will not turn brown.

Can you freeze peaches without blanching?

Here step by step instructions on how to freeze peaches, and no blanching needed. In the following instruction, you will learn how to preserves the peaches and not letting them turn brown.

Cut the peaches into slices. Remove the peach pit and compost. No peeling required. Arrange a large freezer bag, Because we are going to add liquid to it. Now put peaches in the bag. Now get apple juice and pour over the peaches to cover. Use a natural unsweetened apple juice, the ingredients should just be apples, But not the juice that's filled with extra sugar. Now add a little bit of lemon juice into the bag. The lemon juice can prevent the apples to turn brown. Note: don’t skip this step! then zip it.

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