How to Freeze Green Peppers | A Simple & Easy Way | Wiki-How-To

How to Freeze Green Peppers | A Simple & Easy Way | Wiki-How-To 

Green Peppers can be preserved straight from the raws, but you really should consider blanching them in boiling water before freezing if you plan to cook them after they have been thawed. Green peppers can also be frozen in several ways. 

In this article, We at Wiki-How-To are going to give you some basic instructions to perform the task how do I freeze green peppers instantly?

Work with ripe peppers. Select peppers deep green and have a firm texture. To freeze fresh peppers is a good thing. Peppers harvested directly from your garden if you have, but you can also buy them from the supermarket as long as you choose peppers that are in good shape and look fresh.

Clean the green peppers nicelyRinse the peppers through cold or lukewarm running water. Wash them softly with your fingers to remove dirt. do not scrub hardly the peppers otherwise, it may damage the skin. Now clean with a towel and let them dry.

Remove the seeds and cut them into pieces the way you like, at least, the stems and seeds completely removed and the peppers must be cut in halves [1] To cut around the stems use a sharp paring knife. 

Blanching the Green Peppers. Do you need to blanch the peppers? No, if you plan on cooking the fresh peppers, so, skip this process and go straight to the freezing peppers.

Packaging Food for the Freezer 

Suitable freezer containers include:

  • Plastic freezer bags
  • Freezer paper
  • Freezer Aluminum foil
  • Plastic containers with the snowflake symbol

Containers not suitable for long-term freezer storage (unless they are lined with a freezer bag or wrap) include:

  • Plastic food storage bags
  • Milk cartons
  • Cottage cheese cartons
  • Whipped cream containers
  • Butter or margarine containers
  • Plastic bread or other product bags

Storing Frozen Peppers

To extend the time frozen foods maintain good quality:

  • Package foods in material intended for freezing.
  • Keep the temperature of the freezer at 0 degrees Fahrenheit or below.
  • It is generally recommended that frozen vegetables be eaten within about 8 months for the best quality.
This method was written by [food.ul]

How to Freeze Green Peppers | A Simple & Easy Way | 

Freezing sweet or mild or bell peppers with simple steps: Remove the stems, seeds, and membranes; cut them into the desired pieces, then spread on a tray so they're not touching each other; freeze till firm, then transfer to a freezer-safe zip-top bag. Pressing bag to airing out or to a vacuum-sealed bag.

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