8 Best Keyboard Fortnite: How We Choose For You

In this article, we at Wiki-How-To will tell you the 8 best keyboards for Fortnite, If you're in the market for an incredible Fortnite keyboard, don't choose any other one but a mechanical keyboard. Why are mechanical keyboards better for Fortnite?

8 Best Keyboard Fortnite: How We Choose For You

The Fortnite Game

Who would have thought this game would be known today as the popular game. Fortnite is played by over 100 million users per year since it launched into the online gambling scene less than 3 years ago. Fortnite: Save the World also isn't quite out of early access yet The original game If someone knows it now.

Battle Royale is what has got this runaway snowball going. This is where all this activity is taking place at this moment. It won billions of dollars from Epic Sports. Even a World Cup has been planned, with millions from the young winners. Fortnight actors like Ninja have just played his game, millions tune to just watch him.

High-end mechanical keyboards are the only keyboards in use by the top Fornite players in the competition. Almost no type would've been good enough, particularly the normal membrane ones. If you really want the best results. You must keep away from the membrane ones if you want to use them for Fortnite while purchasing a keyboard. It is only a mechanical keyboard that helps you to survive, not to say win in that game.

We're here to help you find the right convenient keyboard for you. We've carefully collected as many details on the best keyboards to help you determine one to pick. Based on price and results, we broke them for you.

1. Corsair K70 Rapidfire

  • “It’s is the fastest model from Corsair, and even gaming pros can attest to its responsiveness.”

Corsair has been a highly valued brand for quite a while, particularly for gamers, and you can tell that they would not disappoint with the K70 Rapidfire.

With 100% anti-ghosting, complete key roll-over, and Cherry MX speed flip, it is not possible to go wrong. It is Corsair's fastest model, and even gamers can attest to its reactivity. Any keyboard is guaranteed to be recorded, regardless of how fast your inputs are.

The touch is gentle, and only 45 CN is required at the 1.2 mm key scale. The MX Speed Cherry switches have a reaction time of 40% faster than the common MX Reds. 

The chassis is composed of the aircraft level brushed aluminum defined by Corsair to ensure that it is lightweight and rigid as low flexibility also possible. It's anodized and offers a natural shiny for excellent corrosion resistance. It looks like a medium-sized high-end keyboard with quality components and elegant style.

If you wish to use this keyboard to type documents, be warned that it can be a little touchy. It takes just a little to get used to it, so it can take care of whatever work you do. If solely for the use of games especially with Fortnite, it is the perfect keyboard to use.

2. Corsair Rapidfire K65 RGB

  • “Many gamers would prefer this keyboard since it’s smaller. It also has all the features of the K70, including the wrist rest.”

This is the Rapidfire K70's ten-keyless relative without the number pad, but about 30% cheaper. This keyboard would like more gamers because it is smaller. Even the K70, like wrist rest, has all the features.

It is fitted with the same Cherry MX Speed key-switches that are key to Cherry's clear impression, responsiveness, and longevity. Both design standard and anti-ghosting capabilities and full NKRO capabilities there are.

It's essentially a K70 with the number pad cut off If you're all right with this, or if you want less than 87 keys compared to a complete 104-key K70. You can be confident you won't get a lower variant as well. It'd be a safer choice for you and cheaper.

3. Logitech G Pro X

  • “The features, compact size, and relatively affordable price make this one easy to recommend.”

This "X," as compared to G Pro, is significant. The biggest distinction between the two is that of the Logitech and Kailh hot-swappable GX switches in the G Pro X. Logitech's GX switch series is simply a brand name for some Kailh switches. These copies belong almost to the Cherry MX line, the main switches most often used.

Those terrible and mushy buttons, which are soldered hard to the PCB, are replaced with the GX switches. Therefore you don't buy it just to exchange them, but to boost the consistency of your experience. The selected color codes for the Cry MX line are clicky red, tactile brown, or linear red switches. You want to get the kind you like, but for the smoothest, quietest and quickest keypress the most players prefer a red linear keypress.

It comes with a dual keycap and an easy to use a key puller. It takes just 30 seconds for a key to replace it but be mindful that 87 keys remain. If you intend to remove them all when you clean or swap the keyboards with a switch type, it takes a lot of time. The primary switches and caps snap back into place so that when in transit they don't slip down. The 1.98m braided wire on the back can also be disconnected and safely attached to a micro USB connector.

Many profiles can be created which include different lighting schemes and custom key bindings. For each game installed on your PC, you can also allocate a profile and go as far as lightweight modifications for inputs. Too much flexibility is permitted. It is combined with the product lines for additional comfort for your mouse, headset, camera, and speaker.

The features, compact size, and relatively affordable price make this one easy to recommend.

4. HyperX Alloy FPS Pro

  • “It is on the lower end of the spectrum but doesn’t compromise on performance and build quality.”

It's another portable ten-keyless keyboard with a stainless steel top style from Kingston this time. The chassis base consists of durable ABS plastic but is also reinforced internally with steel. You can pick from either a true Press Blue, Tactile Brown, or Linear Red Cherry MX.

There's a HyperX rear light that adds six brightness levels and complex backlight effects, but only in the red color. Therefore, this is a compact 87-key no-frills game keyboard, with sturdy construction and minimal esthetics. The braided cord is attached to a USB 2.0 port on the rear, but there is no USB port that passes through. Also, note that there is no software programmable macro or utilities. You just plug it in and use it because it's driverless.

Besides the lack of features, the choice of this one for an affordable value cannot yet be taken wrong. It provides complete KRO pro for full response and accuracy of input. The Cherry MX is a well-known line of keys such that it follows the high expectations of any Fortnite pro, which is enough to buy.

5. HyperX Alloy FPS RGB

  • “Quality-wise, it has a very long lifespan, so there’s no problem there.”

You can try Kingston's complete 104-key RGB version if you want is something more pizzazzy than the Alloy FPS Pro.

The Alloy FPS RGB comes with mechanical key switches from Kailh Silver Speed instead of the Cherry MX. In gaming circles, Kailh is also a respected key shift brand. The keypress actuator is just 1.1mm long and only needs to register with a gentle 40 nM touch. The cherry MX reds used by the Alloy FPS Pro can be faster and softer. It also has a longevity level of 70 million keystrokes.

It essentially consists of the same design as the Pro, a solid steel plate, and a plastic base with steel inside as well. The braided cable can be disconnected using a USB pass to recharge your smartphone, but cannot be used with data. It's a bit disappointing because you can't plug in a single mouse or controller. It has a complete NKRO and an anti-ghosting device, so it can handle any feedback precisely.

This makes the Alloy FPS RGB at that price point much more appealing with full RGB backlit. You should set up your led lighting with your HyperX NGenuity program as soon as it is installed in the new version. You can also check out profiles that are cool, but also very easy for several games. However, the lighting is very attractive and bright. In addition, the utility can also program the macro keys.

This is not out there, but it's always a nice deal if you are searching for a mechanical keyboard with RGB and macro buttons.

6. Razer Huntsman Elite

  • “With its patented hybrid optical and mechanical switches, it has the fastest actuation method of any key switch for registering a keypress by completing an infrared signal under a key.”

Razer has always been known for high-end gaming solutions, and by offering the elite to the Huntsman they do not break with practice. It looks the part, of course. Matt aluminum is the top plate.

It is the quickest method to control any key switch to log a keypress by inserting an infrarouge signal under a clave using its unique hybrid optical and mechanical switches. Just the 1.5mm actuation point that is longer than the 1.1-1.2 mm that is observed in other game keys is slowing down the purple clicky turn.

Synapse 3 handles RGB lighting, key bindings, and the programming of macro keys. It looks smart and does the work, but it should use fewer interface layers. The ability to attach lighting to games and device output is accessible. There are also some ready-made profiles for the most popular games.

Please be aware that Razor Huntsman (not Elite) is cheaper, with certain compromises on the features you should take into consideration when you want similar quality at a better price. It earns very strong recommendations, considering a pricing rate of almost US$ 200 with its long affordability level, which you can only check after a decade of use, its elegant ergonomic design, and its superb key press.

7. Roccat Vulcan 120 Aimo

  • The iodized brushed-aluminum plate serves as the structural foundation that makes the whole keyboard resistant to daily abuse.”

One of the smartest mechanical keyboards we have seen is the Vulcan 120 Aimo. German company Roccat has made high-quality keys for a while and the Vulcan 120 Aimo is sure to not skip a beat. They say it's the best "keyboard" they have ever designed on their website and it shows.

The iodized brushed aluminum plate acts as the fundamental basis for resisting regular manipulation of the entire keyboard. It's built to last, you might say at first glance. The style is understood but eye-catching. The slender detachable handle compliments the general smart construction of the frame, except that it is made from plastic and it is not as convenient as some.

The tapered bottom ends look slimmer than the other buttons, but the surface is the smooth keycaps that cover the top and leave the key clicks beneath the handle. It leads to a striking appearance as if you are seeing a skeleton where you can see the mechanisms to tick it. More RGB lighting can be seen if it is illuminated so that it appears more like the keys are the light sources instead of backlighting.

The swarm program is used by the Vulcan 120 to hold keys. The AIMO in the name is a driver that reacts to the user's inputs and removes the need for configuration of the lighting. You claim that it varies around your use and is a more organic way to answer your inputs. 

The Titan switches find the perfect balance between games and the right answer rate. As an alternative to the compact keycaps, they return to their place quickly and therefore their design serves a practical role and is not only seen.

What we have is a convenient keyboard which is not only perfect for handling games like Fornite but also for other tasks. With the sturdy construction, remarkable appearance, and adaptive RGB backlighting, we fully agree.

8. SteelSeries Apex Pro

  • “Looking sleek and robust with its aircraft-grade aluminum frame and striking RGB backlighting, it’s bound to turn some heads.”

SteelSeries is trusted by users for its standard of design, and the Apex Pro seems not to fail at first glance. With its aluminum frame and striking RGB backlighting of an aircraft-grade, it looks sleek and sturdy; it has to turn some heads.

It features the most demanding players, including an OLED Smart Display that displays important information directly from games and apps.

The distinctive feature is the innovative new concept of your OmniPoint key clicks. You can change the actuator according to your needs with these switches. For example, in games, you can boost the sensitivity of keys most widely used such as WASD. Or you might only lower the sensitivity to match the speed of contact. Before it is reported, the actuator will be as shallow as 0.4mm at 3.6mm.

In this example, if you're not just a Fortnite player, you won? have to mess up with various types of switches or settle on reactions. It is also useful in addition to gaming, in other applications. The minimum gap of 0.4mm is crazy and should be several times faster than the mechanical keyboard average actuation point. A touch-sensitive keyboard without committing too many styles would be almost difficult to use.

You can use the keyboard for anything if you can change the sensitivity. The answer of SteelSeries is not to adjust the key distance, but to preserve the distance constantly. Instead, the drive points can be shifted. That's why they called it OmniPoints ("multiple points").

The Engine 3 software is accessible to adjust the RGB backlighting effects and programming the macro keys, and the use is excellent and simple. They even come with impressive and enjoyable presets that can be found outside of the box.

The driving point of your key switches can also be changed from here using sliders from 1 to 10, with "1" being the more responsive.. It is simple, and when you start to type and play games you can easily experience the effects of your improvements. It's a very surprising difference.

You would be hard-pressed to find a mechanical keyboard more convenient anywhere, considering flexibility and longevity. Either you master in Fortnite or type in a dissertation, it is suitable to work on any keyboard work. No other manufacturers' keyboards might do that.

If you can afford the price, which we consider very fair, then we strongly recommend the market value.


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