How to Connect PS5 to iPhone 12?

[2020] How to Connect PS5 to iPhone 12

In this article, we at WikiHowTo will guide how to connect PS5 to iPhone and how to connect the PS5 controller to iPhone 12 in detail. Hopefully, the following method can help you.

PS5 is an 8-generation gaming console produced by Sony, launched in 2020. Millions of users can play their favorite video games including Call of Duty, Knack, Second Son, and GTA 5 on TV or PC screen through their PS5.

How to Connect PS5 to iPhone 12?

We at Wiki-HowTo will explain how PS5 can be connected to iPhone 12 to handle PSN content and play some iPhone games.

Step 1: You must download the PlayStation App for your iPhone 12. You can find it in App-Store

Step 2: Make sure that you connected your iPhone and PS5 to the same (wifi) network.

Step 3: Go into “Settings”, select “PlayStation App Connection Settings” > “Add Device”. Then, a code will pop up on the screen.

Step 4: Launch the PlayStation App on your iPhone that you downloaded. This time, you don’t need to sign in with your PSN account.

Step 5: Down the left side of the screen, tap on “Connect to PS5”. Make sure whether the words “Power On” are displayed. if not, you must check whether the 2 devices are connected to the same network again.

Step 6: Enter the 8 or 6-digit code displayed on the iPhone 12. In this way, your iPhone can be authorized to get connected to the PS5 is an 8-generation gaming console.

Step 7: The process is almost completed to play the game.

The pretty simple method right? Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on PSV, now, you can use your iPhone as a second screen for PS5, enjoying your favorite video games even under a quilt.

Finally: You learned how to connect PS5 to iPhone 12

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