How to Choose the Best Gaming Keyboard: Wiki-HowTo

How to Choose the Best Gaming Keyboard: Wiki-HowTo

In this article: We at Wiki-How-To will tell you How to Choose the Best Gaming Keyboard? buying the best gaming keyboard can be little excited. Anyway, There are so many out there but it can be hard to figure out what keyboard is the best for gaming. The good thing is that once you figured out you want a mechanical or membrane keyboard, all things will be easier.

What should you look for in a gaming keyboard?

First select between a mechanical or membrane keyboard. It's more expensive and louder mechanical keyboards, but they also last longer. They have a genuinely satisfying feeling, when every time you press a button, there are metal plates under each key. Membrane keyboards (also known as 'chiclet' keyboards) are cheaper and quieter, but not as durable and you need to press harder to fire a fire key[1].

  • Keyboard type and Size. many people prefer to use bigger keyboards, while others like a cleaner desk with a smaller keyboard. You can always buy a keyboard without a number pad if space is a concern (these are called tenkeyless, or TKL keyboards).
  • Material. Cheaper plastic, but its not very good. Metal keys are nice enduring but they can be costly and some people don't like the way of looking.
  • Esthetics. Some like flickering backlit RGB keys and complex symbols. Others like the minimalist appearance of default keys. Please do not buy something that you find disgusting only because the keywords are apparently super responsive! Your keyboard will be with you on your desk!

What keyboard do professional gamers use?

The pros like to prefer small mechanical keyboards. Mostly esports big games require much more mouse movement, so a small keyboard clears desk space.[2] Universally preferred are mechanical keyboards because "unshaking" a key is much harder. One understroke is that you don't press a key to log the input, which may be a greater issue if it's at a crucial moment in a competitive tournament [3].
  • On a membrane keyboard, you have to push a key down all the way for it to register each button you press. On a mechanical keyboard, you push a key down until it triggers a spring-loaded metal plate underneath. You can literally feel the keys popping up to let you know your inputs went through.
  • There is no “best brand” when it comes to gaming keyboards. Razer, SteelSeries, Roccat, Corsair, and Logitech are all known for making great keyboards.[4]

Is a good keyboard important for gaming?

Why a good keyboard is important for gaming?
It depends on the type of gaming you’re doing and how serious you are. You don't have to spend $300 on a mechanical keyboard while playing platform games, or history-oriented narrative games, and the main objective is really to be fun. However, you would probably benefit from a good game keyboard if you play competitive multiplayer games, which involve a lot of controlled and fast movements. [5]

Are mechanical keyboards better?

Are mechanical keyboards better?
For gamers, I say yes, as you know some people dislike the noise they make when you press keys. Mechanical keyboards have metal spring plates under the key, and when you press the key the spring makes a sharp click noise. Most people like the mechanical keyboards, but if you live with parents or roommates and intend to play late at night, the brightness can become a distracting. [6]

How much should you spend on a gaming keyboard?

How much should you spend on a gaming keyboard?
If you’re a new player and want to buy a gaming keyboard, $50-70 is a solid budget. Tons of advanced keyboards are available for over $100. After you get 75 bucks, you pay for aesthetics at that point.[12] If you really get anything and you're not closely bound in cash, don't think about going out and spending on a fantastic keyboard!! [7]

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